Giannikos Hotel



Gannikos Hotel is located in the first foot of Halkidiki, in Kassandra’s peninsula in the traditional village Paliouri.

It is only 800m far from the village, where you can find restaurants, super markets and you can buy traditional products.



With over 500 km of coastline, Halkidiki has the longest coastline of all terrestrial prefectures of Greece. Long sandy beaches and rocky coves, pine trails and crystal clear waters, describe only part of these coasts. It is also worth noting that the absence of rivers helps that the area has been proved, some of the cleanest seas in the country.

For lovers of the mountain, the mountain of the mountain Athos (altitude 2033m.), Lies along the third leg, while the center of the peninsula, followed Cholomontas (1165m.) And the Itamos (811m.).

The tourist organization of Halkidiki is of a high quality. The visitor will find a great number of luxury hotel units, camping, and nightlife. Despite the great number of tourists, the visitor can enjoy every kind of tourism. Crowded beaches or small beaches that are waiting for you to discover them. The sun, the sea and the natural beauties are some of the things one may find in the peninsula of Halkidiki at the southeast of Thessaloniki.